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Interactive Digital Media Tax Credits

Our accountants and engineers are experienced in this very specific area of tax planning and can help to deliver a favourable outcome for clients.

SR&ED Tax Credits

Allows companies and individuals to apply for tax credits or refunds for scientific research and experimental development across many industries.

Our team of accountants and engineers prepare and file claims for eligible companies in the digital media industry…

Through the Scientific Research & Experimental Development program, Canada Revenue Agency…

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Our team has extensive experience with Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentives, allowing companies to apply for tax credits or refunds.

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What is SR&ED?

Through the Scientific Research & Experimental Development program, Canada Revenue Agency provides tax credits to qualifying companies in the research and development sector to offset the costs of developing new technology and allow them to re-invest in future projects.

SR&ED is also very subjective.

In 2008 one of our founders wrote and presented a 26 page paper discussing the definition of SR&ED at the Canada Tax Foundation in Winnipeg. The definition hasn’t changed since then, but the interpretation can (and does) change based upon who is interpreting it.

While difficult to define, it’s a little easier to say what the benefits are under the program. Small BC-based Canadian-controlled Private Corporations (CCPCs) with an “expenditure limit” in excess of $100k and eligible wages of $100k, can expect a refund of $64,325 if they aren’t taxable.

Larger corporations (non-CCPCs) can qualify for a tax reduction of $36,425 on the same $100,000 of eligible wages.

  • CCPCs can earn 64.325% of eligible wages in refunds

  • Non-CCPCs earn 36.425% of eligible wages to apply against tax payable

Our role is to identify eligible work, develop and assemble documentation to support claims – AND to manage the expenditure limit for CCPCs.

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