Sutton Inovation

Sutton Innovation is a team of accountants, engineers and web designers that work collaboratively to assist clients in research, technology and development.

Our Focus

Sutton Innovation’s team specialize in preparing claims for companies and individuals who are seeking tax incentives for their work.

We assist with Scientific Research & Experimental Development claims to help offset the cost of doing business and incentivise companies to invest in new R & D projects. This subjective tax filing requires in-depth knowledge and experience in order to accurately capture the criteria required by Canada Revenue Agency. Through in-depth tax planning and detailed activity based costing, we are able to identify eligible work and prepare & defend filings for our clients.

Tax Credit Eligibility

We also prepare and file Interactive Digital Media Tax Credits for eligible companies in the digital media industry. Our sound knowledge of technology combined with industry specific tax insight allows us to provide our clients with professional service and exceptional results.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and ability to identify important criteria and map it in a way that helps our clients maximize their potential for credits and refunds.

We believe in saving time and money for our clients, so we offer free consultations to assess each case and determine eligibility before proceeding with any claims.

Our Team

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