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Robotx Solutions Inc. 2017 TCC 73

Canadian Tax Incentives   The takeaway? NOT ALL UNCERTAINTIES ARE TECHNOLOGICAL UNCERTAINTIES Note that emphasis was placed on these words improve optimize minimize

Formadrain Inc. 2017 TCC 42

Canadian Tax Incentives The tp was in the business of re-lining underground pipes without them having to be excavated Tp identified a need to allow for the re-lining of underground pipes in situations where smaller contractors don’t have enough space required to...


Canadian Tax Incentives Alberta has recently joined British Columbia in offering tax incentives for investors in the eligible small businesses. The legislation is similar in both provinces and both offer 2 investment tracks: VCCs resemble self-directed “investment...

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Alberta’s New Investor Tax Credit

Canadian Tax Incentives On April 11, 2017 the Alberta Government introduced changes to the Alberta Investor Tax Credit Program. It appears to have been modeled closely on the BC Equity Capital Program and has 2 tracks: VCCs – Venture Capital Corporations EBCs –...

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