SR&ED for Tech Companies

What is SR&ED?

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive allows companies and individuals to apply for tax credits or refunds for scientific research and experimental development across many industries. This unique program allows businesses to invest in technology and to recoup funds for future projects.

Who is eligible?

Canada Revenue Agency has distinct eligibility and documentation requirements for SR&ED claims. As such, it’s important to combine the knowledge and experience of accountants and engineers to ensure a successful application.

If you are extending knowledge in a particular area, or have closed a gap by developing technology, you may be eligible to claim.

What We Do

Sutton Innovation uses connected intelligence and collaboration between accountants and engineers to create effective tax structuring and to identify qualifying criteria for our clients.


Planning in advance for SR&ED


Identifying eligible work


Interviewing engineers to determine eligibility


Determining what time applies to SR&ED


Conduct activity-based costing


Audit support

We work either on an hourly basis or on contingency, as determined with the client. We provide audit support should the need arise, and offer complimentary consultations to determine initial expectations for a successful claim. Should your case not be a good candidate to meet CRA requirements

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Our team has extensive experience with Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentives, allowing companies to apply for tax credits or refunds.

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