Sanaz Jahanbakhsh

As a young teenager, her love for connecting with people from around the world attracted Sanaz to start playing around with a computer and then started to write programs for it. She started taking computer programming courses in high school which led to her pursuing a degree in Engineering at SFU; where she had the opportunity to work at Nokia and Mercedes Benz in Germany as part of her internship program. She is passionate about technology and has been working at start-ups as well as fortune-500 companies where she had led engineering teams delivering enterprise software. Her passion and curiosity about the latest technologies in the world of software development led her to pursue opportunities where she currently gets to help companies finance their research and development cost as a consultant.


During her spare time, Sanaz has been involved with various organizations which promote involvement of women in STEM, such as Wonder Woman and WIT, to inspire the next generation of female engineers.